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High Pressure Water Jetting

Reliable and Affordable

Here at Drain Clearing 24-7 we have an excellent reputation in attending jobs within one hour. We attend all jobs fully equipped with the latest technology and machinery to clear any type of blockage or flood. All team engineers carry the latest lifting equipment, safety equipment and high pressure water jetting equipment. Over the years we have found other company's charging extra to use their jetting equipment on top of their labour charges.

No Extra Charges

Van and CCTV camera with open drainWe do not charge extra to use our High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment

Our High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment is capable of producing 1000psi to 12000psi in pressure and a flow rate of 8GPM – 24GPM. We have either trailer mounted or the van pack jetters. We have found the trailer jets are popular with the construction industry as they can be moved in areas that you can't gain access from the road or public streets.

On a water meter? Concerned about the cost? No problem - every engineer carries a special hose that links directly to a street hydrant - not your metered supply.

We always jet drains 'upstream' for two reasons:

  • Better results, it clears your blocked drain faster.
  • We never run the risk of water backing up against blockages and flooding your house.

We can unblock your blocked drain in an hour. In the unlikely event it takes any longer, don't worry - you will never pay any more than the price quoted. It is a fixed price.

Our van pack jetting equipment is good for your everyday blockages. You can get to your jobs quicker and efficient with no parking worries. All high pressure water jets have wash down lances to clean and clear all working areas tidy on completion.

Checking your blocked drain with CCTV

Van and CCTV camera with open drainNot every drain business is as meticulous as Drain Clearing 24-7.

We even put an inspection camera down your cleared drain to give you peace of mind, it's all part of the service.

  • Ensure it is completely unblocked after we have jetted it.
  • Alert you to any up and coming maintenance issues such as tree root ingress.

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